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hep26455-sup-0001-suppfig1.pptx1008KSupporting Figure 1: Regression plots (slope and intercept) between MRI-PDFF and MRS-PDFF at baseline and week 24: Scatterplots of MRI versus MRS. Redline represents the best fit through the data points and the great line represent the null hypotheses (intercept=0, slope =1) . The regression intercept and slope and their 95% confidence intervals are shown. * is significance from intercept 0 or slope 1 according to two tail t test α=0.05. At baseline MRI underestimated MRS by 3% with small bias in the slope. At week 24 MRI underestimated MRS by 1% with a small bias as well. The difference in the slope and intercept is relatively small 3% and 1% and likely clinically irrelevant

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