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hep26500-sup-0001-suppfig1.TIF246KSupporting Figure 1: HCV J6/JFH-1 infection of Huh7.5 cells modulates Ezrin, Moesin and Radixin mRNA expression.
hep26500-sup-0002-suppfig2.TIF242KSupporting Figure 2: Chronic HCV infection modulates EMR mRNA expression in Huh7.5 cell and induces significant liver injury in HCV infected patients.
hep26500-sup-0003-suppfig3.TIF329KSupporting Figure 3: Chronic HCV infection or transient EMR knockdown in Huh7.5 cell induces significant stable microtubule formation.
hep26500-sup-0004-suppfig4.TIF105KSupporting Figure 4: p-SYK interacts with p-Ezrin
hep26500-sup-0005-suppfig5.TIF151KSupporting Figure 5: Cell toxicity assay for Bay61-3606 and Cytochalasin B.
hep26500-sup-0006-suppfig6.TIF90KSupporting Figure 6: Western Blot analysis of HCV RNA in Huh7.5 cells after transient knockdown of Ezrin, Moesin and Radixin.
hep26500-sup-0007-suppfig7.TIF411KSupporting Figure 7: Cellular signaling and molecular aspects of ezrin-moesin-radixin in HCV infection
hep26500-sup-0008-suppinfo.doc69KSupporting Materials

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