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hep26525-sup-0001-suppfig1.tif12390KSupplementary Figure 1. CD73 localization in hepatocytes after DDC treatment. Immunofluorescence analysis of Flag-CD73 (green) and different organelle markers (red) in DDC-treated hepatocytes.
hep26525-sup-0002-suppfig2.tif8648KSupplementary Figure 2. A. Serum analysis for ALT levels in control and DDC-treated WT and CD73-/- mice. B. Liver sections from C3H mice after 3 months DDC treatment were stained with antibodies to CD73 (green) and p62 (red). There is no significant co-localization between the two signals. Scale bars=50μm. C. Liver sections from WT and CD73-/- mice were stained with the designated antibodies. The K8/K18 filament organization is similar between WT and CD73-/- mice under basal conditions. Scale bar=50μm. D. Extensive porphyria (dark brown deposits marked by arrows) is observed in WT and CD73-/- mice after DDC treatment. Also shown is K8/K18 immunofluorescence (red) of the sections. Scale bar=100μm.
hep26525-sup-0003-supptable1.tif586KSupporting Table 1.
hep26525-sup-0004-supptable2.tif463KSupporting Table 2.
hep26525-sup-0005-supptable3.tif465KSupporting Table 3.

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