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hep26626-sup-0001-suppinfo.doc121KSupplementary Information
hep26626-sup-0002-suppfig1.tif14032KSupporting Information Figure 1. MLT-MAVS-/- cells display characteristics of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in vivo. C57BL/6 mice were subcutaneously implanted with 1x107 MLT-MAVS-/- cells and tumor sections were stained with (A) H&E for histopathological analysis or (B) with CK8, CK18, and CK19 specific antibodies for immunohistochemical characterization. As a control for the CK19 stain, a positive murine CCC sample with distinct structure was stained simultaneously for the purpose of comparison.
hep26626-sup-0003-suppfig2.tif1127KSupporting Information Figure 2. HCV Replication in MLT-MAVS-/-miR-122 derivatives is inhibited by mouse IFNα-1 and 2'CMA. Cell lines expressing ApoE and HCV entry receptors were transfected with Luc-Jc1 RNA followed by treatment with either 500 U/mL mIFNα-1 or 5 ug/mL 2'CMA 4 h post transfection. Luciferase activity was determined 48 h post transfection and depicted results are the means and standard deviations of at least two independent experiments.
hep26626-sup-0004-suppfig3.eps2419KSupporting Information Figure 3. Receptor expression of MLT-MAVS-/- cells and derivatives expressing human or mouse ApoE and HCV entry factors. Flow cytometry was used to determine the expression of endogenous or ectopically expressed human or mouse CD81 (A) or SCARB1 (B) using appropriate antibodies. (C) Expression of human or mouse OCLN and CLDN1 was determined by immunoblotting. Table S1 lists individual cell lines analyzed.
hep26626-sup-0005-suppfig4.tif4474KSupporting Information Figure 4. HCV RNA-replication in MLT-MAVS-/-miR-122 derived cell lines. Cell lines analyzed in Fig. 5 were transfected with a subgenomic HCV reporter replicon and replication was analyzed by luciferase assay at the indicated time points. Mean values +SD from at least three independent experiments are given.
hep26626-sup-0006-suppfig5.tif2290KSupporting Information Figure 5. Infection of MLT-MAVS-/- miR-122 derived cell lines with HCVpp and HCVTCP. (A) MLT-MAVS-/-miR-122 derived cell lines expressing either complete or minimal human entry factors were infected with HCVpp of GT1a and GT2a. 48 h post infection cells were lysed and luciferase activity was measured. (B) Cells in (A) were challenged with HCVTCP and 48 h post infection luciferase activity was determined. Mean values +SD of three independent experiments are shown.

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