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Supporting Table 1. Clinical parameters of outpatients suffering from liver disease.

Clinical parameters of 113 outpatients suffering from liver disease are displayed. Individual parameters represent the mean ± SEM.

Supporting Fig. 1: Mice suffer from anemia following bile duct ligation.

(A+B) Mice with ligated bile duct (BDL) were compared to sham controls. (A) Red blood cell count and (B) hemoglobin concentration is shown as a function of bilirubin concentrations of individual BDL mice and sham controls 21 days post operation (n=24).

Supporting Fig. 2: Correlations between red blood cell count and liver enzymes in patients suffering from liver disease.

Red blood cell counts from 41 patients with liver disease as a function of plasma concentration of (A) γ-GT (n=40), (B) ALT (n=41), and (C) AST (n=41) are shown.

Supporting Fig. 3: Correlation of erythrocyte and reticulocyte number with bilirubin plasma levels in outpatients suffering from liver disease.

Blood samples were collected from 113 patients suffering from liver disease. Erythrocyte counts (n = 113) (A) and absolute reticulocyte counts (n = 98) (B) as a function of bilirubin plasma level are shown.

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