• Malaysian anthropometry;
  • Seat anthropometry;
  • Seat design;
  • Seat measurement;
  • Sitting


This article presents sitting anthropometry data for Malaysians focusing on seat fit parameters. It offers additional data regarding seat design requirements as there have been only a few efforts made to establish anthropometry data in Malaysia. An analysis using a measurement composed of 16 common and important dimensions in seat design was done with 216 subjects. Data collection was done by using direct measuring methods with standard equipment. Malaysian automobile seat fit parameters, namely backrest width, backrest height, cushion width, and cushion length were established from collected anthropometric dimensions: interscye breadth (5th percentile female and 95th percentile male), sitting shoulder height (5th percentile female), hip breadth (95th percentile female), and buttock–popliteal length (5th percentile female), respectively. From the data collected, this study finds that the fit parameter dimensions are bigger than other Asians' 95th percentile values but smaller than the Filipino and the Thai data being compared in this study. The female 5th percentile values for cushion length and cushion width are the smallest. In addition, two local automobile seats were measured and compared with the data. It was observed that the cushion lengths of both seats were too long for the 5th percentile female of the current data. This study provides seat fit parameters–the most fundamental part of automotive seat design, especially for the Malaysian population. © 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.