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HIPO_22081-sm_SuppFig1.tif5012KSupporting Information Figure 1. In rat, wild type and Trpc6 knockout mouse, the TRPC6 antibody used in this study visualizes cytoplasmic and nuclear membranes in a few interneurons and labels some glia cells in the same way. Electron micrographs taken in rat (A), wild type mouse (WT, C) and Trpc6 knockout mouse (KO, E) show that the immunoperoxidase reaction using DAB as a chromogen similarly labels endoplasmic reticulum (arrows) and invaginated nuclear membranes (open arrows) in some of the GABAergic cells. The invaginated membrane of the nucleus is a characteristic feature of cortical GABAergic neurons. Note that no labeling of the plasma membrane in the interneurons with cytoplasmic staining can be observed. In addition, a number of glia cells (B, D) is also stained in rat (B), wild type mouse (D) and in Trpc6 knockout mice (F). Scale bars, 2 μm.

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