Synthesis of Evernin

Two syntheses of the depside evernin 6 are described. Condensation of methyl acetoacetate and methyl crotonate followed by aromatization and reduction with Raney-Ni led to methyl orsellinate (3). The condensation of everninic acid (4), obtained by partial methylation of 3 and saponification of the methyl ester, with methyl 2, 4-dihydroxy-3, 6-dimethylbenzoate (methyl β-orcin carboxylate) (5) in presence of cyclohexylcarbodiimide gave evernin (6). In a second syntheis methyl dihydroorsellinate (1) was regiospecifically converted into its 4-methyl enol ether and aromatized via the benzene selenenyl derivative to yield methyl evernate (7). Benzylation followed by saponification gave the free acid 8. Methyl β-orcin carboxylate (5) was synthesized in an analogous way from methyl 3,6-dimethyl-2,4-dioxocyclohexanecarboxylate. Condensation of 8 with the methyl ester 5 by treatment with trifluoroacetic anhydride in toluene yielded 9, which could be converted into evernin (6) by hydrogenolysis of the benzyl ether.