A reexamination of the web-based job demand for PHR and SPHR certifications in the United States



Over the past decade, the exponential growth in Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certifications awarded by the Human Resource Certification Institute substantiates the need to reexamine the base rate of HR job announcements that require or prefer such certification. Based on a sample of Web-based job announcements in 2002, Aguinis, Michaelis, and Jones (2005) reported that only 1.4 percent required or preferred PHR/SPHR certification. Using a similar design, the current study found that 15.6 percent of job announcements required or preferred PHR/SPHR certification, which is nearly 11 times the rate found in the Aguinis et al. (2005) study. Results also suggested the demand for PHR/SPHR certification was positively related to experience, educational level, and job title level, with the base rate reaching 25.1 percent for managerial HR roles.