The Roche Cancer Genome Database (RCGDB)


  • Communicated by Rolf Sijmons


Sequence variations are being studied for a better understanding of the mechanism and development of cancer as a mutation-driven disease. The systematic sequencing of genes in tumors and technological advances in high-throughput techniques combined with efficient data acquisition methods have resulted in an explosion of available cancer genome-related data. Despite the technological progress and increase of data, improvements in the application area, for example, drug target discovery, have failed to keep pace with increased research and development spending. One reason for this discrepancy is the ever increasing number of databases and the absence of a unified access to the mutation data. Currently, researchers typically have to browse several, often highly specialized databases to obtain the required information. A more complete understanding of relations and dependencies between mutations and cancer, however, requires the availability of an efficient integrative cancer genome information system. To facilitate this, we developed the Roche Cancer Genome Database (RCGDB), a freely available biological information system integrating different kinds of mutation data. The database is the first comprehensive integration of disparate cancer genome data like single nucleotide variants, single nucleotide polymorphisms, and chromosomal aberrations (CGH and FISH). RCGDB is freely accessible via a Google-like Web interface at Hum Mutat 31:1–7, 2010. © 2010 Wiley-Liss, Inc.