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Figure S1. Blood spot card from the Netherlands (2009, simplified and translated). Downloaded at: October 8, 2012.

Figure S2. Informed consent form Tumor Genetic Research, Helsinki (2012, translated) Courtesy: Prof. Lauri Aaltonen.

Figure S3. Consent statement disclosure of outcome of prenatal Array-CGH, VUMC Amsterdam, the Netherlands* (2011, translated). Courtesy: Kyra Stuurman.

Figure S4. Consent form exome sequencing, RUNMC Nijmegen, the Netherlands (2011). Courtesy: Helger Yntema.

Table S1. Workshop Amsterdam, March 21, 2012: Informed Consent for Exome Sequencing in Diagnostics

Table S2. Proposed categories of unsolicited findings: which unsolicited results should be communicated?

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