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Figure S1. Measured LacZ reporter values for transfection normalization.

Figure S2. Neighbor-joining tree from close-spaced MSA of FXIIIB and CFH Sushi domain sequences.

Figure S3. Comparison of multiple sequence alignments optimized for guiding phylogenetic studies versus selecting target/template pairs for homology modeling.

Table S1. PCR primers for FXIIIB site-directed mutagenesis

Table S2. Stereochemical validation statistics for 13 solved high-resolution CFH Sushi domains

Table S3. Stereochemical validation statistics for five FXIIIB Sushi domain models from Soares et al. (2005)

Table S4. Assessment of FXIIIB single and multiple Sushi domain homology models from ModBase and SWISS-MODEL databases

Table S5. Predicted physical and chemical properties of FXIIIB mutations from the present study homology modeling

Table S6. Patient data for carriers of the FXIIIB mutations investigated in the present study

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