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Figure S1. The identified splicing regulatory motifs in ETFDH exon 2 are evolutionary conserved. The nucleotide sequences of the 3′ end of ETFDH exon 2 from different species are shown with the hnRNP A1 binding motifs boxed in red and the SRSF1 binding motifs boxed in green. Pictograms of the hnRNP A1 score matrix (top) and the SRSF1 score matrix (below) are shown. A putative SRSF5 binding motif is boxed in pink. The sequences listed are from H. sapiens (RefSeq NM_004453.2), P. troglodytes (RefSeq XM_517508.2), M. musculus (RefSeq NM_025794.1), R. norvegicus (RefSeq NM_198742.2), B. taurus (RefSeq NM_001077130.1) and C. lupus (RefSeq XM_848688.1). The alignment was made using the Homologene Downloader from NCBI (

Table S1. Analysis of changes in ETFDH exon 2 binding affinities of the studied splicing regulatory proteins using the ASSEDA server (

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