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Supp. Figure S1. Site frequency spectrums for the total Qatari population. Shown in log10 scale is the number of variants in the Qatari population on the Y-axis, and the minor allele frequency in Qatari on the X-axis.

Supp. Figure S2. Comparison of the allele frequencies among the Qatari Q1, Q2 and Q3 genetic groups. To identify variants that differentiate Q1, Q2 and Q3 Qatari subpopulations, the allele frequency was compared for 95,840 coding variants using two methods. A-C. Fst; and D-F. allele frequency difference. A-C. Fst was calculated for comparison of Q1 vs Q2, Q1 vs Q3, and Q2 vs Q3. A. is the Fst of Q1 compared to Q2 (x axis) and Q3 (y axis); B. Fst of Q2 compared to Q1 (x axis) and Q3 (y axis); and C. Fst of Q3 compared to Q1 (x axis) and Q2 (y axis). D-F. The standard deviation in absolute value of allele frequency calculated for each pair of populations. D. Q1 vs Q2; E. Q1 vs Q3; and F. Q2 vs Q3. The variants were classified into 4 bins based on standard deviations; variants with allele frequency difference <4 (blue), 4-6 (green), 6-8 (yellow) and >8 (red) standard deviations.

Supp. Figure S3. The Qatari exome. In order to provide a major-allele reference exome for future studies of each Qatari subpopulation, variants were identified where the major allele in a Qatari subpopulation is the non-reference allele. Genome-wide distribution of 11,043 variants where the major allele in Q1 is the non-reference allele (red), 11,033 variants where the major allele in Q2 is the non-reference allele (green), and 11,183 variants where the major allele in Q3 is the nonreference allele (blue). The x axis is chromosome position and the y axis is the chromosome.

Supp. Table S1. SNP Mendelian disease variants directly genotyped in the panel of genetic tests conducted in the Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha, Qatar 1

Supp. Table S3. Review of Literature for Variants in Table 3

Supp. Table S4. OMIM + HGMD Variants Excluded1


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