Current awareness in human psychopharmacology


In order to keep subscribers up-to-date with the latest developments in their field, John Wiley & Sons are providing a current awareness service in each issue of the journal. The bibliography contains newly published material in the field of human psychopharmacology. Each bibliography is divided into 18 sections: 1 Reviews; 2 General; 3 Psychotropic Drugs - General; Antidepressive Agents: 4 Tricyclics; 5 Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors; 6 Serotonergics; Euthymic Agents: 7 Lithium; Tranquillizing Agents: 8 Major; 9 Minor & Hypnotics; 10 Analeptic Agents; 11 Anticonvulsant Agents; 12 Drugs of Abuse; 13 Transmitters, Receptors, Metabolites & Modulating Agents; 14 Neuropeptides; 15 Psychoneuroendocrinology; 16 Psychoneuroimmunology; 17 Behavioural Genetics; 18 Others. Within each section, articles are listed in alphabetical order with respect to author. If, in the preceding period, no publications are located relevant to any one of these headings, that section will be omitted.