• CFD;
  • Global Convergence Index;
  • verification


Recent developments in numerical algorithms have enabled the construction of three-dimensional models for the prediction of flows in open channels. These advances encompass improvements in both numerical solutions and the process representation required for an accurate system definition. However, to date, there is still little agreement on how to assess systematically and report the credibility of these simulations. This paper addresses this problem by adopting a Grid Convergence Index approach. The results indicate, for two simple hypothetical cases, a zero-degree confluence and a meander bend, that the numerical code can be verified to an acceptable numerical standard. However, it is shown that this does not mean that verification is complete, as the literature implies, as whilst the discretization resolution may be sufficient to verify one of the model variables it does not imply that every variable has converged. Furthermore, the scheme may still be insufficient to capture all the processes of interest that are operating within the chosen environment. Copyright © 2003 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.