• antecedent moisture condition;
  • curve number;
  • direct run-off;
  • hydrological modelling;
  • hydrologic cycle;
  • infiltration;
  • maximum soil moisture retention;
  • run-off hydrograph;
  • Soil Conservation Service


Presenting a critical review of daily flow simulation models based on the Soil Conservation Service curve number (SCS-CN), this paper introduces a more versatile model based on the modified SCS-CN method, which specializes into seven cases. The proposed model was applied to the Hemavati watershed (area = 600 km2) in India and was found to yield satisfactory results in both calibration and validation. The model conserved monthly and annual runoff volumes satisfactorily. A sensitivity analysis of the model parameters was performed, including the effect of variation in storm duration. Finally, to investigate the model components, all seven variants of the modified version were tested for their suitability. Copyright © 2004 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.