• Yellow River;
  • sediment sink;
  • sediment budget;
  • sediment storage;
  • sediment delivery ratio;
  • floods


Fenwei Graben is a famous sediment sink. The Longmen-Sanmexia sediment sink of middle Yellow River is located in the middle part. Using the sediment budget based on annual data from the period 1920–2006 and flood-event data from 154 flood events from the period 1950–1985, the variations in sediment storage, release and transport have been analysed. Data from different methods and sources indicate that, during an 1800-year period, the variation of sedimentation rate in this sink has undergone a cycle from increase to decline; the cause for this can be found in the changes in the manner and intensity of human activities. Over 87 years, sediment storage in this sink can be separated into four stages which showed different trends, depending on changing human activities, such as reservoir construction, soil and water conservation and water diversion. Stepwise multiple regression shows that the runoff and sediment yield from three major source areas have differing influences on sediment storage in the sink. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.