Erratum: Environmental risk assessment of ivermectin: A case study


  • Markus Liebig,

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  • Álvaro Alonso Fernandez,

  • Elke Blübaum-Gronau,

  • Alistair Boxall,

  • Marvin Brinke,

  • Gregoria Carbonell,

  • Philipp Egeler,

  • Kathrin Fenner,

  • Carlos Fernandez,

  • Guido Fink,

  • Jeanne Garric,

  • Bent Halling-Sørensen,

  • Thomas Knacker,

  • Kristine A Krogh,

  • Anette Küster,

  • Dirk Löffler,

  • Miguel Ángel Porcel Cots,

  • Louise Pope,

  • Carsten Prasse,

  • Jörg Römbke,

  • Ines Rönnefahrt,

  • Manuel K. Schneider,

  • Natascha Schweitzer,

  • José V Tarazona,

  • Thomas A Ternes,

  • Walter Traunspurger,

  • Anne Wehrhan,

  • Karen Duis


This article corrects:

  1. Environmental risk assessment of ivermectin: A case study Volume 6, Issue S1, 567–587, Article first published online: 23 April 2010

Liebig M, Fernandez AA, Blübaum-Gronau E, Boxall A, Brinke M, Carbonell G, Egeler P, Fenner K, Fernandez C, Fink G, Garric J, Halling-Sørensen B, Knacker T, Krogh KA, Küster A, Löffler D, Porcel Cots MA, Pope L, Prasse C, Römbke J, Rönnefahrt I, Schneider MK, Schweitzer N, Tarazona JV, Ternes TA, Traunspurger W, Wehrhan A, Duis K. 2010. Environmental risk assessment of ivermectin: a case study. Integr Environ Assess Manag 6(Suppl 1):567–587.

The trigger value of the predicted environmental concentration (PEC) in soil, for intensively reared and pasture animals, was incorrectly published as 100mg/kg dry wt on page 568, under the section ENVIRONMENTAL RISK ASSESSMENT ACCORDING TO VICH (2000, 2004) AND EMEA (2008). The correct value is 100 μg/kg dry wt.