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Figure S1. Comparison of Global-GDP and CAS-GDP by Admin-2

Figure S2. Spatially distributed GDP per capita US$ PPP data (a) 1-km grid (GDP/cap/km2) and (b) Admin-2 mean per capita GDP

Figure S3. Admin-2 mean emissions per capita for hypothetical products for China, India and Vietnam. Dotted lines represent the 10th and 90th percentile emission rates

Table S1. Administrative levels and their names

Table S2. Number of Admin-1, Admin-2 and Admin-3 units by country

Table S3. Administrative boundary (Admin-2) spatial data by country

Table S4. Population census data obtained by country

Table S5. GDP data obtained by country

Table S6. Volume of product sold in Asia-12 countries in 2010 for three product types representing low-GDP, medium-GDP and high-GDP value products

Table S7. Bar soap use in Asia-12 (g/capita/year) at Admin-2

Table S8. Shampoo use in Asia-12 (g/capita/year) at Admin-2

Table S9. Fabric conditioner use in Asia-12 (g/capita/year) at Admin-2

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