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Regulatory considerations for the potential development and application of metal cleanup values


  • EDITOR'S NOTE: This paper represents 1 of 6 articles generated from a workshop entitled “Ecological soil levels: next steps in the development of metal clean-up values” (September 2012, Sundance, Utah, USA). The purpose of the workshop was to provide managers and decision makers of contaminated sites in North America with appropriate methods for developing soil clean-up values that are protective of ecological resources. The workshop focused on metals and other inorganic contaminants because of their ubiquity at contaminated sites and because their natural occurrence makes it difficult to determine adverse levels.


This article addresses the regulatory issues associated with the application of recent data to support Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances (REACH) requirements in Europe and the use of metal-specific parameters by other countries to generate remediation values for metals in soil. The purposes of this article are to: 1) present approaches and advances developed over the last decade in Europe for the REACH regulation and proposed in Australia by the National Environment Protection Council, 2) review current US and Canadian regulatory practices on ecological soil cleanup values, and 3) evaluate the application of new scientific approaches, methods, and soil criteria development processes used in other countries. Integr Environ Assess Manag 2014;10:401–414. © 2013 SETAC