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Figure S1. Log KPEW versus (a) temperature, calculated following Lohmann (2012) for compounds with an excess enthalpy of solution in water of 39 kJ mol-1. The assumed excess enthalpy of solution is the average of 13 compounds (4 PAHs, 6 PCBs, and 3 DDTs), derived from data compiled by Mackay et al. (2006); and (b) salinity, calculated following Lohmann (2012), using log KOW-dependent Setchenow constants, as described by Ni and Yalkowsky (2003).

Figure S2. Amphipod survival in a 28-day sediment toxicity test versus (a) concentration of total PAH in bulk sediment; (b) ESB-based Sum-TU for PAHs in bulk sediment, and (c) Sum-TU for PAHs based on Cfree measurements.

Table S1. Provisional values for (Kpw) for selected PAHs.

Table S2. Provisional values for (Kpw) for selected PCBs

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