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Table S1. Specific IgG1 and IgG3 antibodies from meningococcal vaccinees, portrayed as µg/mL.

Table S2. Displaying mass to charge (m/z) of 20 IgG3 glycoforms with a different amino acid sequence.

Table S3. The minor responding subclass from the different vaccines, displayed as increase ([UPWARDS ARROW]), decrease ([DOWNWARDS ARROW]), or no change ([LEFT RIGHT ARROW]) in sugar composition observed at day 30 and day 90 after immunization, compared to the sample taken before immunization. Two of the vaccinees that received the pneumococcal vaccine had their second and third sample collected at day 14 and day 26, not day 30 and day 90 as the others. The results were however similar, so to ease presentation their time points were presented as day 30 and 90.

Table S4. The seven meningococcal vaccinees were previously tested for serum bactericidal activity and opsonaphagocytic activity. Results are shown as reciprocal titers, published previously [60].

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