UK Cross-Border Cooperation: Extending Rescue to Jersey Debtors on a ‘Passporting’ Basis


  • This article is based on a paper delivered to the INSOL Europe Academic Forum annual conference in Venice on 20–21 September 2011. The author would like to note the helpful comments and observations of the audience on that occasion, although all errors and omissions are, nevertheless, the author's own. A shorter summary of this paper also appears in the conference proceedings booklet under the title ‘Passporting’ Rescue: Section 426 of the UK Insolvency Act and Assistance to Other Countries, Chapter 8 in R. Parry (ed), Substantive Harmonisation and Convergence of Laws in Europe (2012, INSOL Europe, Nottingham), at 99–114.


This article looks at the scope of using, via the Letter of Request method, the insolvency laws of another jurisdiction in circumstances where the laws of the requesting jurisdiction do not adequately cater for the type of proceeding required. Copyright © 2013 INSOL International and John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.