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We did not report results for melanoma in our study1 because of limited statistical precision. Prompted by the letter by Kirsner et al., we calculated relative risk estimates for melanoma among the 12,251 statin users (≥ 2 prescriptions) in North Jutland County, Denmark, during the study period 1989–2002. The adjusted rate ratio for malignant melanoma among statin users was 0.78 (95% CI = 0.42–1.47) compared with nonusers (based on 10 cases among statin users), which is consistent with a 20% lower incidence of melanoma among statin users. As with other site-specific cancers in our study, stratification by duration of follow-up or number of prescriptions revealed no clear trends. The small number of users of nonstatin lipid-lowering drugs (n = 1,257) did not allow analysis of melanoma risk. Larger and longer-term studies are needed to evaluate the potential chemopreventive effects of statins against melanoma and other cancers.

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Søren Friis.