In the article cited above, the Figure 5 legend was published incorrectly. The correct legend appears below.

FIGURE 5 – Apoptosis and Ras activity evaluation in tumor xenografts collected from mice. (a) Representative images of TUNEL staining on human tumor KB cell xenografts collected from nude mice. Positive cells are shown in brown. CTR, untreated; IFNα, IFNα-treated; FTI, R115777-treated; IFNα + FTI, IFNα + R115777-treated. (b) Western blot assay for the expression of the total Ras protein. (c) Affinity precipitation of Ras performed with the minimal binding domain of Raf-1 conjugated with agarose for the evaluation of Ras activity as described in “Materials and methods”. CTR, untreated; IFN, IFNα-treated; FTI, R115777-treated; IFN + FTI, IFNα + R115777-treated. The experiments were performed at least 3 different times and the results were always comparable. (d) Representation of the Ras activation ratio expressed as the ratio between the relative intensities of the bands associated with activated Ras versus the bands associated with total Ras. The evaluation was performed with the dedicated software after laser scanner and computer-assisted acquisition of the bands. The intensity of each band was calculated in relative intensity as compared to that one of the untreated cells. Bars, SEs. Asterisks indicate the statistical significance of data (p < 0.005).

Also, an incorrect version of Figure 7 was used in the above article. The correct Figure 7 is reprinted below.

Figure 7.

The publisher deeply regrets this error.