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IJC_23985_sm_Suppfig1.tif1564KSupporting Figure 1 Allelic distribution of the JAK2V617F point mutation revealed by allele-specific QPCR. PCR product sequences (GATC) of the JAK2V617F locus (complementary sequence) of all PV-patients under study, of the cell line HEL (DSMZ, Braunschweig, Germany) as homozygote control and of one healthy individual. Additionally, results of allele-specific multi-QPCR with minor grove binder probes (Applied Biosystems) of the three allelic situations (A) homozygote JAK2V617F negative. Lower left picture: FAM-labeled amplification of the non-mutated allele with no amplification of mutated allele (linear graph). Lower middle picture: Half logarithmic graph. Lower right picture: linear graph of the VIC-labeled mutated PCR product (no amplification); (B) homozygote JAK2V617F positive; (C) heterozygote for JAK2V617F point mutation. All nine patients under study revealed a heterozygote mutational status of the highly purified CD34+ PBSC by QPCR and by PCR product sequencing.

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