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IJC_24341_sm_SuppFig1.tif165KSupporting Information Figure 1. ATO increased the protein levels of heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) in NB4 cells while no effects were observed in Prx I. NB4 cells (1x106) were treated with 2 μM ATO for 2 to 48 hr and Western blots for HO-1 and Prx-I were performed as described in the “Material and Methods”. (A) Left panel, Prx-I immunoblot; right panel, relative densitometric change. (B) HO-1 immunoblot.
IJC_24341_sm_SuppFigures2and3.tif151KSupporting Information Figure 2. siRNA-mediated downregulation of Prx III and Prx-I. NB4 cells (1x106) were transiently transfected with specific Prx-I- or Prx III-targeting siRNA. Then, cells were processed as described in “Material and Methods”. The Prx I-targeting siRNA did not affect the Prx III protein levels. Likewise, the Prx III-targeting siRNA did not affect the Prx I protein levels. Supporting Information Figure 3. Depletion of Prx-III in NB4 cells potentiated ATO-induced cleavage of the full-length caspase-9. The same membrane with the caspase-9 antibody showed in Figure 4B was used to detect the full-length caspase-9. The membrane was exposed 5 sec (low exposition) to the autoradiography film.
IJC_24341_sm_SuppFigures4and5.tif82KSupporting Information Figure 4. Prx I depletion did not promote ATO-induced apoptosis in NB4 cells. NB4 cells (2 x106) were transfected with 5 μg of C-siRNA or siRNA-Prx I. Apoptosis was measured as described in the Figure 4 and in the “Material and Methods”. Supporting Information Figure 5. ATO induced a dose-response effect in Prx III clones. U937-13.13 clones were exposed to different ATO doses for 48-hr. Apoptosis was measured as described in “Material and Methods”.

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