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IJC_24897_sm_suppfig1.tif5555KSupplementary Figure 1. LOSS OF HETEROZYGOSITY (LOH) MAPPING OF CHROMOSOME 14Q. Chromosomal loss is indicated as black line. Thirteen out of 14 cases showed total loss of 14q and one case (case 16) showed partial loss.
IJC_24897_sm_suppfig2.tif1209KSupplementary Figure 2. ARRAY CGH ANALYSIS OF CHROMOSOME 14Q OF CASE 6 AND CASE 16. Array CGH demonstrated total loss of 14q in case 6, and partial loss in case 16.
IJC_24897_sm_suppfig3.tif559KSupplementary Figure 3. MICRORNA EXPRESSION PATTERNS OF THE 13 GISTS WITH KIT MUTATION. MicroRNA expression profile of the 13 KIT-mutated GISTs was analyzed by unsupervised hierarchical cluster analysis. From GISTs with KIT mutation in exon 9 showed a separate cluster.
IJC_24897_sm_supptable1.doc47KSupporting Information.
IJC_24897_sm_supptable2.doc79KSupporting Information.
IJC_24897_sm_supptable3.doc29KSupporting Information.
IJC_24897_sm_supptable4.doc86KSupporting Information.

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