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IJC_25060_sm_suppinfofig1.tif1019KFigure S1 CAF promotes invasion of oral squamous cell carcinoma. (a) For immunostaining, CAF and NF were seeded in a chamber slide and incubated in serum-containing media for 24h. Cells were immunostained with vimentin (a and b) and a-smooth muscle actin (α- SMA, c and d). CAF was found to strongly express both fibroblastic marker and the myofibroblastic marker. Size bar: 50mm. (b) Invasion assays were performed using 24-well transwell plates. CAF or NF was cultured in the bottom chamber of a 24-transwell plate for 24 h with YD-10B oral cancer cells in the upper chamber. The number of cells that penetrated the transwell membrane were stained and counted by light microscopy. Arrow indicates the transmigrated cancer cells. The results were reported as the mean ± SD of triplicate assays. **P<0.01. CAF was found to be a stronger inducer of OSCC cell invasion compared with NF. Early passages (below passage 8) of the fibroblasts were subjected to immunocytochemical evaluation and transwell invasion assay.
IJC_25060_sm_suppinfofig2.tif268KFigure S2 CCL7 treatment did not facilitate proliferation of OSCC cells. 1×105 YD-10B cells (a) or HSC-2 cells (b) were cultured in serum-free media in the presence or absence of CCL7 (10 and 100 ng/mL). Total cell numbers of YD-10B and HSC-2 cells in triplicate wells were measured by MTT assay at the indicated time.
IJC_25060_sm_suppinfofig3.tif472KFigure S3 The list arranged for sandwich ELISA human cytokine antibody array.
IJC_25060_sm_suppinfofig4.tif302KFigure S4 Treatment of IL-12 and CCL5 induced no significant increase of CCL7 secretion by CAF; unlike IL-4 treatment. CCL7 concentration in CAF culture media was measured by ELISA 24 h after cytokine treatment. Data shown are representative of multiple repeats (means±SD of triplicates).
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