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IJC_25210_sm_suppinfofigs1-2.ppt869KSupplementary Figure S1 Knock-down of Bim expression by ShRNAs attenuates the anchorage-independent growth inhibitory effect of FKB on PC-3 and DU145 cells. PC3 or DU145/ShLacZ, PC3 or DU145/ShBim117, and PC3 or DU145/ShBim459 cells were grown in soft agar in six-well plates as described in Materials and Methods and treated with 0.1% DMSO or FKB at the indicated concentrations for 30 days. Qualitative analysis of inhibitory effect of FKB against soft agar colony formation. Representative pictures were shown from three independent experiments. Supplementary Figure S2 FKB did not affect body weight and diet consumption in xenograft model. Each mouse was s.c. injected with 1× 106 DU145 cells. After seven days tumors were approximately the size of 120 mm3, the mice bearing DU145 tumors were randomly divided and pair matched into treatment and control groups of 10 mice each. Daily dosing was begun with vehicle or 50 mg/kg FKB. A, average body weight (g) per mouse. B, average diet consumption (g) per mouse a day. A and B, mean ± SE from 10 mice in each group

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