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IJC_25254_sm_suppfigure1.tif2098KFigure S1: Growth curve of cell clones transfected with H/P64 galectin-3. 2000 cells were seeded per well in a 24 well plate. The cell growth was monitored by mitochondrial-dependent reduction of MTT to formazan on the designated days. Fresh medium was added every third day. Each reading is an average of 4 readings. The bars represent standard deviation.
IJC_25254_sm_suppfigure2.tif2299KFigure S2: Anchorage independent growth of BT-549 cells and the H/P64 galectin-3 transfected cell clones. 1000 cells were plated in 0.5% agarose in 35mm plates on top of a 1% agarose layer. Fresh medium was added every third day. Colony number and size was recorded after 10 days. A: colony size; B: number of colonies. Each reading is an average of three readings. Bars represent standard deviation.

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