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IJC_25584_sm_suppinfofigs1.tif2230KSupporting Information Figure 1
IJC_25584_sm_suppinfofigs2.tif146KSupporting Information Figure 2
IJC_25584_sm_suppinfofigs3.tif1229KSupporting Information Figure 3
IJC_25584_sm_suppinfotable1.doc56KSupplementary Table S1. Bi-sulphite sequencing of selected loci
IJC_25584_sm_suppinfotable2.doc49KSupporting Information Table S2. Summary of neuroblastoma tumor characteristics
IJC_25584_sm_suppinfotable3.doc236KSupporting Information Table S3. Loci differentially methylated between GN/GNB and NB
IJC_25584_sm_suppinfotable4.doc235KSupporting Information Table S4. Loci differentially methylated between NB cell lines and primary NB tumors
IJC_25584_sm_suppinfotable5.doc111KSupporting Information Table S5. Blocks of consecutive methylated sites across the genome

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