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IJC_25665_sm_suppfig-S1.eps681KSupplementary Figure S1. Chemical structures of CTCE-9908 and control scrambled peptide. (a) Structure of CTCE-9908. (b) Structure of control scrambled peptide, SC-9908.
IJC_25665_sm_suppfig-S2.eps395KSupplementary Figure S2. Dosing schedules for different treatment cohorts in MMTV-PyMT mice. (a) Dosing schedule for CTCE-9908 alone trial. (b) Dosing schedule for the combination therapy of CTCE-9908 and docetaxel. Note that docetaxel is started prior to initiation of CTCE-9908 therapy. (c) Dosing schedule for the combination therapy of CTCE-9908 and DC101.
IJC_25665_sm_suppfig-S3.eps6380KSupplementary Figure S3. CXCR4 immunohistochemical staining of mammary tumors from MMTV-PyMT mice. (a), (b) CXCR4 staining of primary mammary tumor.
IJC_25665_sm_suppfig-S4.eps1627KSupplementary Figure S4. Administration of CTCE-9908 to MMTV-PyMT transgenic mice decreases phosphorylated-AKT expression in mammary tumors. (a) Western blot of lysates from mammary tumors from mice treated with the 3 doses of CTCE-9908 as well as with scrambled peptide, showing increasing inhibition of phosphorylated-AKT expression with increasing dose. Total AKT protein expression is used as control in lower row. (b) Bar graph of relative levels of expression of phosphorylated-AKT to total AKT protein in mammary tumors obtained at necropsy from 5 mice from each treatment group. P-values for comparisons between CTCE-9908-25 versus control, P = 0.69; CTCE-9908-50 versus control, P = 0.69; CTCE-9908-100 versus control P = 0.84. Error bars refer to standard error of the mean.

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