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IJC_25889_sm_suppinfofigure-A.tif126KSurvival analyses according to the detection of surrogate markers of active viral infection: A/ HR HPV-positive vs. HR HPV-negative cases
IJC_25889_sm_suppinfofigure-B.tif130KTumors positive vs. negative for the expression of HPV 16 E6 mRNA
IJC_25889_sm_suppinfofigure-C.tif127KCases positive vs. negative for the presence of HPV 16 specific E6/E7 antibodies
IJC_25889_sm_suppinfofigure-D.tif120KTumors positive vs. negative for the expression of p16 protein
IJC_25889_sm_suppinfofigure-E.tif117KTumors positive vs. negative for the expression of p53 protein
IJC_25889_sm_suppinfofigure-F.tif147KHPV-positive smokers, HPV-positive non-smokers and HPV-negative smokers.
IJC_25889_sm_suppinfotable.xls28KTissue and serological markers in the subgroup of patients from which material for RNA extraction was available.

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