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IJC_26057_sm_SuppFig1.tif72KSupporting Information Figure 1. Detection of caspase 3 activation in LBH589 treated cells. Cells were treated with LBH589 (5-100nM) for 48 h and caspase 3 activity was measured as described in the text. Activity of caspase 3 in untreated cells was taken as 100% and that of LBH589-treated cells is expressed as percentage of the basal value. Results are expressed as means ± SD; n = 3. Significance vs untreated cells (0): * P< 0.05; ** P< 0.01; *** P< 0.001.
IJC_26057_sm_SuppFig2.tif607KSupporting Information Figure 2. LBH589 effect on mitotic arrest. Combined phase-contrast and fluorescence micrographs of BHT-101 and CAL-62 cells exposed or not to LBH589 and stained with HOECHST 33258. Multinuclear cells are shown by arrow in presence of 50nM of LBH589.
IJC_26057_sm_SuppTable1.doc35KSupporting Information Table 1.
IJC_26057_sm_SuppTable2.doc28KSupporting Information Table 2.

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