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IJC_27331_sm_SuppFig1.tif10689KSupporting Information Figure 1. Staining of macrophages, blood vessels, proliferative cells, and T cells in gastric tissues. Tff1 -/- mice treated for two weeks with control food (left panel) or celecoxib (right panel) are displayed in A-C. A. M2 activated macrophages were stained with CD206. B. Blood vessels were stained with MECA-32. C. Proliferating cells were stained with Ki-67. D. T cells were stained with CD3e. T cells in an adenoma section are marked with an arrow and control duodenal villi with abundant T cell staining in the lamina propria are displayed in the right panel. Original magnification 400x (A, D left panel), 200x (B), 100x (C, D villi).
IJC_27331_sm_SuppFig2.tif5084KSupporting Information Figure 2. Detection of senescent cells with senescence associated β-galactosidase staining. A. Gastric tissue of a mouse treated for 2 weeks with celecoxib is displayed showing duodenal villi, Brunner glands, and adenoma tissue. Only the Brunner glands display senescent cells as detected by the blue color produced by β-galactosidase. There are no senescent cells in the adenoma. Right panel: Enlargement of adenoma region. Original magnification 40x (left panel), 100x (right panel).
IJC_27331_sm_SuppFig3.tif3208KSupporting Information Figure 3. Expression of Cox-2 in different tissues and genotypes. A. Cox-2 expression was investigated by Western blot analysis in proteins isolated from stomach, pyloric, or small intestinal tissues. Cox-2 was highly expressed in the pyloric region of Tff1 -/- mice. No expression was detected in Cox-2 -/- mice. β-actin served as a loading control. B. Cox-2 staining in the hyperplastic lesion of a one month old Tff1 -/- Cox-2 -/- mouse. No staining was detected. Original magnification 100x.
IJC_27331_sm_SuppFig4.tif13397KSupporting Information Figure 4. Identity of Cox-2 expressing cells. Double fluorescence staining of gastric tissues for Cox-2 (green color) and vimentin (A, red color) leukocyte common antigen CD45 (B, red color), or macrophages F4/80 (C, red color), or myofibroblasts/smooth muscle cells Sma (D, red color) in Tff1 -/- mice treated for two weeks with 1600 ppm celecoxib. Cox-2 is expressed in stromal cells in the upper area of the adenoma. Cells that coexpress Cox-2 and vimentin show a clear yellow staining. Cells that express Cox-2 and CD45 or F4/80 or Sma do not colocalize. Original magnification 100x (B, C, D left panels), 200x (A, left panel; C, B right panels), 400x (A, D right panels).
IJC_27331_sm_SuppTab1.doc30KSupporting Information Table 1. Sequences of primers used for genotyping.
IJC_27331_sm_SuppTab2.doc48KSupporting Information Table 2. Detailed overview for quantitative analysis of markers.

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