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IJC_27487_sm_SuppFig1.ppt110KSupporting Information Figure 1. Expression of TRPM7 in human exocrine pancreatic healthy and tumoral tissues. A. TRPM7 mRNA levels were measured in eight adenocarcinoma samples and in six healthy tissues by quantitative RT-PCR and normalized to total mRNA. Adenocarcinoma samples have a higher expression of TRPM7 when compared to the average expression in the healthy tissue. B. Normalization to ß-actin as control gene.
IJC_27487_sm_SuppFig2.ppt202KSupporting Information Figure 2. A-B TRPM6 expression in PDAC tissues compared to the healthy ones using 18S rRNA as a housekeeping gene. We observed a very low level of TRPM6 transcript compared to TRPM7 in PDAC tissues. C, the averaged relative amount of TRPM6 mRNA in PDAC tissues (n=8) was not different compared to the healthy ones (n=6; p>0.05).

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