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ijc28080-sup-0001-suppfig1.pdf295KSupplementary Information Figure 1
ijc28080-sup-0002-suppfig2.pdf102KSupplementary Information Figure 2
ijc28080-sup-0003-suppfig3.pdf214KSupplementary Information Figure 3
ijc28080-sup-0004-suppfig4.pdf88KSupplementary Information Figure 4
ijc28080-sup-0005-suppinfo.pdf122KSupplementary Information
ijc28080-sup-0006-supptab1.pdf74KSupplementary Table 1 Observed frequencies of m/z values identified by MALDI-MSI.
ijc28080-sup-0007-supptab2.pdf85KSupplementary Table 2 COX regression multivariate analysis for the predictive factor biochemical recurrence (BCR).
ijc28080-sup-0008-supptab3.pdf88KSupplementary Table 3 Overview of the identified peptides. All experimental m/z values singly protonated and singly charged, calculated m/z values of the uncharged peptides.

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