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ijc28091-sup-0001-suppfig1.tif1543KSupplemental Figure 1. miR-137 expression in two further neuroblastoma cohorts
ijc28091-sup-0002-suppfig2.tif1820KSupplemental Figure 2. Survival rates of neuroblastoma patient cohorts
ijc28091-sup-0003-suppfig3.tif1897KSupplemental Figure 3. Cell cycle analysis of neuroblastoma cells upon miR-137 re-expression and KDM1A knockdown
ijc28091-sup-0004-suppfig4.tif2200KSuppplemental Figure 4. Two further siRNAs against KDM1A phenocopy the miR-137 reexpression phenotype
ijc28091-sup-0005-supptab1.tif1312KSupplemental Table 1. Summary of patient and tumor characterists for the three neuroblastoma cohorts used in this study
ijc28091-sup-0006-supptab2.tif1817KSupplemental Table 2. Summary of patient and tumor characterists for the miRNA transcriptome sequencinq data that was re-analyzed for this study
ijc28091-sup-0007-supptab3.tif1620KSupplemental Table 3. Summary of all cell cycle data collected by FACS analysis

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