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ijc28121-sup-0001-suppinfo01.doc207KSupporting Information Fig S1 (A) Bioinformatic functional classification analyses of 6 candidate genes in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer. Classification enrichment was determined using Ingenuity Pathway Analysis software. The threshold of significance was -log (P = 0.05). (B) Gene networks analysis with 6 candidate genes in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.
ijc28121-sup-0002-suppinfo02.doc33KSupporting Information Table 1. Primers used for pyrosequencing analysis
ijc28121-sup-0003-suppinfo03.doc39KSupporting Information Table 2. Comparison of β-value differences between tumors and normal controls with Infinium DNA methylation array data
ijc28121-sup-0004-suppinfo04.doc28KSupporting Information Table 3. Correlation between Infinium array and pyrosequencing values for methylation levels (n=24)
ijc28121-sup-0005-suppinfo05.doc49KSupporting Information Table 4. Association between methylation markers and clinicopathological characteristics (n = 163)
ijc28121-sup-0006-suppinfo06.doc36KSupporting Information Table 5. ROC curve analysis of DNA methylation markers to predict disease outcome (n = 163)

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