• breast cancer;
  • DNA methyltransferase;
  • Kindlins;
  • MicroRNA-200 family

Kindlin 2, as a focal adhesion protein, controls integrin activation and regulates Wnt signaling in an integrin-binding independent manner. However, the association of Kindlin 2 with cancer-related microRNAs is unknown. Here, we report that Kindlin 2 markedly downregulates the expression of miR-200 family by inducing CpG island hypermethylation. Mechanistically, Kindlin 2 forms a complex with DNMT3A in the cell nucleus and the two proteins co-occupy the promoter of miRNA-200b. Functionally, repression of miR-200b is required for Kindlin 2-induced breast cancer cell invasion and tumor formation. Our data indicate that Kindlin 2 plays a novel role in epigenetic repression of miR-200 family, a mechanism that promotes breast cancer invasion.