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ijc28151-sup-0001-suppinfoFigure01.tif8711KSFig 1 (A) Protein was extracted from the tumors induced by MDA-MB-231-miR-control or MDA-MB-231-miR-200b cells for Western blotting assay using the indicated antibodies (3 tumor bodies / group). (B) Total RNA was extracted from MCF7–Flag and MCF7–Flag-Kindlin-2 stable cells, and then qPCR was performed. (C) 1×104 MCF7–Flag-Kindlin 2 stable cells were implanted into lateral fat pad of mice. After 2 weeks, Agomir-control or Agomir-200b was injected into tail vein of mice for 4 weeks. The tumors were dissected and total RNA was extracted for qPCR analysis of EMT markers and miRNAs (3 tumor bodies / group). Data are mean ± S. D.
ijc28151-sup-0002-suppinfoFigure02.tif1898KSFig 2 Lysates from MCF7–Flag and MCF7–Flag-Kindlin-2 stable cells were used for chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) with antibodies as indicated. Anti-Myc antibody or IgG was as a negative control. qPCR was used to quantify the ChIP-enriched DNAs. Data are mean ± S. D. * indicates p<0.05.
ijc28151-sup-0003-suppinfoFigure03.tif2046KSFig 3 DNA methylation status of miR-200b promoter in MCF7–Flag and MCF7–Flag-Kindlin-2 stable cells was detected by MS-PCR. M indicates methylated DNA, and U indicates unmethylated DNA. H2O was as a negative control. Normal human DNA was treated with methylase SssI as a positive control.

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