Expression on cultured human tumour cells of placental trophoblast membrane antigens and placental alkaline phosphatase defined by monoclonal antibodies



The cellular reactivity of six monoclonal antibodies (McAbs) produced to isolated human placental syncytiotrophoblast microvillous plasma membranes has been examined using a variety of normal and malignant cell types. Two McAbs reacted with antigenic determinants common to most normal human cells. Two other McAbs (H310 and H316) reacted predominantly with normal placental trophoblast and with lymphocytic cells, as well as with most transformed or neoplastic cultured cell lines. Two further McAbs (H315 and H317) identified foetal differentiation antigens expressed only on the membranes of normal placental trophoblast and of certain tumor cell lines. H317 has been shown to be specific for the heatstable L-phenylalanine-inhibitable placental-type alkaline phosphatase isoenzyme. These latter McAbs (H315 and H317) may prove useful in monitoring of some human cancers.