Cluster 13 was defined by 2 independently derived murine monoclonal antibodies (MAbs), RS7 (IgG1) and MR54 (IgG2a), which were raised against human squamous-cell carcinoma of the lung and a human ovarian-carcinoma cell line, respectively, Immunologic and biochemical evidence demonstrated that RS7 and MR54, as well as 2 additional MAbs, MR6 (IgG2a) and MR23 (IgG1), generated in the same fusion as MR54, recognize the same antigen, a 46- to 48-kDa glycoprotein. Evaluation of the expression of antigen on the surface of tumor cell lines, Western blotting analyses, competitive binding studies, and double-determinant ELISA assays, support this conclusion. Two distinct epitopes are defined by these MAbs.

In order to further characterize this antigen, amino-acid-sequence analyses were performed on peptides derived from antigen purified by affinity chromatography with MAb RS7. The sequence data obtained from 2 peptides, which were independently generated by CNBr cleavage and trypsin digestion respectively indicated identity to GA733-1. The GA733-1 genomic DNA sequence predicted a type-1 membrane protein of 35 kDa, with 4 potential N-linked glycosylation sites. The GA733-1 protein product has not been identified previously, and MAbs to this tumor-associated antigen were not previously known.