N-terminal sequences of 19 and 11 amino acids obtained from 2 different Cryptic fragments of the tumour-specific antigen on the chemically induced rat chondrosarcoma HSN show a 100% homology with the rat chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan NG2. Using a scheme of overlapping oligonucleotide primers we have cloned by PCR amplification the cDNA for the specific antigen of the HSN tumour that is immunogenic in immunocompetent CBH/Cbi rats and now report that its cDNA sequence is identical to that of NG2. The cDNA codes for a transmembrane protein of 2,325 amino acids with a large extracellular domain of 2,224 amino acids containing 2 cysteine-rich regions, a trans-membrane domain (25 amino acids) and a short cytoplasmic tail (76 amino acids). The tumour-specific determinant was found to lie between amino acid residues 556 and 992 on the core glycoprotein.