A case-control investigation on cancer of the ovary in Bangalore, India



Cancer of the ovary is the sixth leading cancer among females in Bangalore, and is a leading site of cancer in other population-based cancer registries in India. A case-control investigation was conducted utilizing the data from the population-based cancer registry in Bangalore. In addition to the core patient information, certain other details pertaining to consumption of tobacco, reproductive and obstetric factors and those related to the practice of family planning, including the method adopted, were available with the registry, for the period 1982–1985. Identical information was also available for patients residing in the registry area who did not have cancer. Ninety-seven cases of ovarian cancer in ever-married women were age-matched with 194 controls from the same area who showed no evidence of cancer. The risk of ovarian cancer was not influenced by tobacco habits, alcohol consumption, diet or the various reproductive factors. However, tubectomy as a method of family planning appeared to reduce the risk of development of ovarian cancer. This reduction in risk was not influenced by parity or age of the woman at the time of birth of the first child.