Integrating trust measures in multiagent systems



Several models have been proposed in the past for representing both reliability and reputation. However, we remark that a crucial point in the practical use of these two measures is represented by the possibility of suitably combining them to support the agent's decision. In the past, we proposed a reliability–reputation model, called RRAF, that allows the user to choose how much importance to give to the reliability with respect to the reputation. However, RRAF shows some limitations, namely: (i) The weight to assign to the reliability versus reputation is arbitrarily set by the user, without considering the system evolution; (ii) the trust measure that an agent a perceives about an agent b is completely independent of the trust measure perceived by each other agent c, while in the reality the trust measures are mutually dependent. In this paper, we propose an extension of RRAF, aiming at facing the limitations above. In particular, we introduce a new trust reputation model, called TRR, that considers, from a mathematical viewpoint, the interdependence among all the trust measures computed in the systems. Moreover, this model dynamically computes a parameter measuring the importance of the reliability with respect to the reputation. Some experiments performed on the well-known ART(Agent Reputation and Trust) platform show the significant advantages in terms of effectiveness introduced by TRR with respect to RRAF. © 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.