• Linggi river;
  • tropical river;
  • river ecology;
  • water quality;
  • water pollution


The Linggi River Basin is one of the most polluted river basins in Malaysia and drains an area of about 1,399km2 in the state of Negri Sembilan. An extensive multidisciplinary research was carried out to develop a predictive mathematical model to manage the Linggi River basin effectively. This paper reports only the morphometry and other physical environmental conditions of the Linggi River Basin which was carried out between January, 1983 and January, 1984. Topography, vegetation, landuse pattern, general geology and lithology, population distribution and water usage by the people are discussed. In addition, physical information such as air and water temperatures, precipitation, sunshine, discharge, suspended solids and dissolved solids data collected before and after the study period are discussed in detail.