• NAC transcription factors;
  • stress response;
  • senescence;
  • gene regulatory networks;
  • interactomes


Plant-specific NAM/ATAF/CUC (NAC) transcription factors (TFs) have recently received considerable attention due to their significant roles in plant development and stress signaling. Here, we summarize progress in understanding NAC TFs in stress responses and senescence. We focus on interactions between the DNA-binding NAC domain and target genes, and between the large, mostly disordered transcription regulatory domain of NAC TFs and protein interaction partners. Recent studies have identified both up-stream regulators of NAC genes and down-stream NAC target genes, outlining regulatory networks associated with NAC–protein interactions. This connects molecular interactions and signal pathway intersections with biological functions with promising use in agriculture. © 2014 IUBMB Life, 66(3):156–166, 2014